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iSkate have been designing rinks, management systems and offering rink management services, from basic support through to full turn-key offerings for over 12 years.

We have delivered over 120 rink projects from small ‘Community Rinks’ to large ‘Destination Rinks’ with their associated ancillary offerings and often inherent complex site needs.

Our goal is to deliver industry-leading best practice to ensure the best possible experience to the skating public whilst looking after the welfare of the staff and the needs of the client.

Good design, ice quality and rigorous site & administrative discipline are prioritised as part of a robust closed-loop management system to deliver these goals.

Over the last couple of seasons, we have worked very hard to build on this solid foundation in order to design a suite a technologies and implement a series of management practices to make our rinks increasingly more efficient and minimise our overall environmental impact.

References are available on request.

Recent turn-key packages have been delivered to Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Mansfield District Council, Westfield, Chichester and Nottingham. iSkate provides the rink, ice maintenance and staffing to ITV’s Dancing on Ice as well as the iconic rink at Somerset House.

Key services from iSkate include:
  • Site Layout & Rink Design
  • Planning, Design & Access Statements
  • Technical Specifications
  • Outline & Bottom-up Budgets
  • Detailed Design & Project Planning
  • Documentation Systems & Processes
  • Staff Recruitment, Supply & Training
  • Remote & On-site Technical Support
  • Data Capture & Analysis
  • Complete Turn-key Design, Installation & Operation
  • ‘Green’ technologies


ISkate has grown rapidly over the last few years, from providing staffing solutions and technical support, to providing full-turn key packages. As part of this growth, we have built a strong team around us and developed a number of new systems, both in terms of hardware to improve on-site operation, as well as continuously improving the robustness of our operational documentation systems and procedures.

We are particularly proud of the work that we have been involved with on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, as well as the Ice Track and ‘Wall of Death’ that we designed for SKY Headquarters in Isleworth, London. Most importantly, we are very proud of our team who take delight in being part of the diverse range of projects that we become involved in, engaging with the Public and Clients alike.

Future plans

Last year, we developed our offering further, with the launch of our new ‘Premium’ rink and barrier system, incorporating design developments and experience that we have gained since having designed our first aluminium system almost 7 years ago. We are looking to migrate many of our Documentation Systems and procedures over to a tablet-based system as well as improve our in-house ticketing system to provide better analytics, as part of the wider goal to make our rinks increasingly more efficient and to minimise our overall environmental impact.

 Recent achievements from iSkate include:
  • Launch of the new ‘Premium’ rink design to include a fully-integrated LED Handrail System, ‘Universal’ Gates and the option for dropped headers, with specialist water treatment and remote monitoring systems, as used at Somerset House.
  • Design & delivery of the Ice Slide & Car Podium System for Liverpool ONE.
  • Design & operation the Ice Track & ‘Wall of Death’ for SKY.
  • Design & operation the Studio & Training Rinks for ITV’s Dancing on Ice for the last three years.
  • Installation of the set for BBC / FoxFX’s ‘A Christmas Carol’.
  • Design & testing of a comprehensive Water Treatment System to include a revised Melt-Pit Systems with water re-cycling, water heating and Reverse Osmosis (RO) .
  • Introduction of Ice Painting & Mesh systems for our rinks .
  • Implementation of in-ice & surface temperature measurement coupled with additional data capture & remote monitoring including power usage data.

iSkate – Delivering Best Practice
….Going Green….

iSkate – The Technology…

‘Premium’ rink design by iSkate

  • Modular, all-aluminium, quick-connect pad and header system with optional dropped header design – increased efficiency and greater site layout flexibility.
  • Modular aluminium barrier system with clear polycarbonate fascias, HDPE Kicker boards and a novel , load-tested barrier stay system with optional 2m and 4m curved corner sections and ‘Universal’ gates – functional, robust barrier system, delivering a high aesthetic and flexible layout options.
  • Fully-integrated LED Handrail System– optional single colour or full RGBW, all hidden out of sight within the handrail and barrier stay system.

Water Treatment System, Heated flood water & Snow-melters

  • Filtration, water softening & RO (Reverse Osmosis) skid-mounted System – delivering optimal pH and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) for the best possible ice quality.
  • Continuous-feed water heaters for the flood water – delivering the strongest possible ice with reduced ice-resurface times.
  • Self-contained snow-melters with new waste-water spray-bar system – efficient and green.

Remote monitoring & Data-Capture System. SMS Alerts

  • Weather – windspeed & direction, ambient temperature, RH & pressure, daily rainfall & intensity
  • In-ice & ice surface temperature.
  • Pressure, velocity & Flow (PVT) data capture.
  • Real-time power consumption, peak demand & energy usage.
  • Power outage & plant Warning & Alarm SMS text alerts.

Re-surfacers & Edgers

  • Range of battery-operated Re-surfacers & edgers – carefully control ice depth and condition the ice efficiently, cleanly & quietly.


iSkate – Delivering Peace of Mind…

The technologies & systems that iSkate have developed in-house can be used individually or in combination to deliver a higher quality ice surface with improved resiliance against the weather and reduced edge-roll off. In combination with the live data-logging, all of the information that you need is made available to ensure that the plant is running optimally, delivering additional gains in energy efficiency. Remote Monitoring delivers this information to you anywhere, any time and text alerts can be sent to you should there be any issues with the plant including a power outage, giving you peace of mind that your staff will not arrive to an unpleasant surprise when they turn up for the morning shift.



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Feb 2020

  • On site at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow completing a site survey in advance of the build for the 2020 World Curling Championships
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Feb 2020

  • Great feedback from Libby & Mark
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Feb 2020

  • iSkate take delivery of their new Zamboni Electric Edger
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Feb 2020

  • Epsisode 7 – The Script, on air
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Feb 2020

  • Epsisode 6 – Fairytales on Ice, on air
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Jan 2020

  • Record numbers at Somerset House. A complex and demanding site to work at; nevertheless, we enjoyed the challenge. We successfully trialed a whole sheaf of new technologies including our Premium Rink Design, a new Water Treatment System and the Remote Monitoring & Data Capture Package.
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Jan 2020

  • Our electric re-surfacer in action – Mo at the wheel.
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Jan 2020

  • We are now clear of site and the equipment is back at the yard. Delighted for Canterbury City Council, who successfully operated their first rink over this Christmas and have received lots of very positive feedback from the whole community. It has been a privilege working with their talented & enthusiastic team and we look forward to helping them develop their offering going forward.